About Us

Youtube Let’s Plays Stance
You can make Let’s Plays of our games and monetize them, just please link back to the game you’re playing, either with a link to our website or Steam/Itch.io!


Ithaqua Labs is an indie visual novel studio run by Sita “Geckos” Duncan and  Christopher “Nyo” Michael Hall under Geckos Art LLC.

Nyo covers the vast majority of the writing (Easily 99%!) with world building done in partnership with Sita.
Sita covers the art, and together they code, edit, and respond to emails.

Johnathan Johnson is the first and primary composer for these projects, but recently Caelem has been collaborating with Ithaqua Labs as well!

Ren’Py is the visual novel engine that powers the games made here.

When they’re not creating their own stories, Sita and Nyo are often found playing: Diablo 3, Dota 2, Dungeon Defenders 2, Tabletop Simulator (Arkham Horror, House on the Hill, and more!), Heroes of Might and Magic, Worms Revolution, Don’t Starve, Dungeon and Dragons, or watching copious amounts of Anime and Cartoons like: Gravity Falls, Rick and Morty, FMA: The Brotherhood, Two BrothersSupernatural and more.

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