300 backers, over $7,000 Pale Spectrum KS!

We’ve managed to surpass 300 backers, and $7,000 in the Kickstarter campaign! We’re coming up on the last 2 days now and I’m really hoping we can make the next stretch goal. :3

And here’s a WIP of Terra in her utility outfit (The one that looks decent whether she’s a boy or a girl) and a teaser of a new character you might get to meet soon!

As of this moment there are 14 routes written with completion between 97% and 40%. This includes the new Aelfnod routes.

This excludes endings where “You Are Dead”. There are plenty of those.

Admittedly the majority of the “You Are Dead” choices are rather obviously bad ideas but you know what? Sometimes it’s fun to stare into the void.

The alternative story, following the “Lost in the Shadow” ending is only about 7% done and looks like it will have two to three complete routes but will not be as long as any of the other routes.

And a few more teasers!

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