Pale Spectrum – writing update

Hi everyone,

I am Nyo, the writer.

With a few of the paths reaching completion in their writing, I feel it’s safe to give a small run down on length of Pale Spectrum.

A single complete path from beginning to end is over 100k words in length.

This is currently longer than Brilliant Shadows was in it’s entirety, and averaging roughly 2.5x longer for a single route from the original.

There are currently 13 endings. There are going to be more. There are 4 major story perspectives which branch 2-4 times each. The endings for each path can affect other, or only affect the story in which they are made.

There are a large variety of epilogues which are triggered based upon the endings reached on each story. If I were to use marketing speak I would say there were “Bazillions”, but really there’s going to be a quite a lot and they’ll be called upon based on a variety of choices with many being triggered by unique choice combinations.

While Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 will be largely the same regardless of play through, the decisions made in these chapters will completely change what story is told for Chapter 3 and on, and decisions made during following chapters will do the same.

We really wanted decisions to matter, causing you to have a different story depending on what you chose. Your major decisions will have major influences on the story, and the story won’t lead back into the main one to make it easier to write. You will get a completely different ending if you make different choices, simple as that.

Well, unless you literally only make the few fun choices like naming things differently. Then I suppose you’ll have different names in the ending? It’s not impossible.

The only big flaw in this type branching is that, if we do a sequel one day, we’ll have to pick a canon ending because there’s no way we could continue the story from so many independent endings.

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