Geckos, here.
Things have been moving along; we just closed out another set of auditions.

Results from Round 2 of Auditions!  
Mox – Kellen Goff
Lyrael – Felicia Valenti
Lillerly – Elissa Park
Norville – Josh Chichester
Duke – Cal O’Malley

Progress has been a bit slower than usual as we’ve been struggling with two ill family members for some time now. Because of that morale has been a bit low, but we’re still chugging along.

All of the music for the game was compiled into a list and organized. Counting all 4-12 second tracks and variants, Pale Spectrum will be using both its OST and the OST from Brilliant Shadows, which sits at 78 tracks total. It’s pretty impressive and took 3 hours to organize so that I can easily add it into the game.
Here’s a little screenie of the monster in case you’re curious.

Chapter 1 has 95% of its music added and some SFX, about 90% of its lines, and chapter 2 we’ve just started plugging lines into.


Aside from that I’ve been working on finishing up sprites, for those who don’t follow any of our social media outlets. Chapter 3 has been refined and we’re getting ready to send it out to voice actors.

Guess that’s about it!
I hope that everyone is happy and healthy and having a great weekend.


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