Expressions and Steam Alpha

It’s been quite awhile since our last update. The game has been steadily moving forward with development. Nyo has been busy voice editing and finishing off writing routes. I’ve been busy kitting sprites out with expressions and adding them to scenes, editing voices, coding, and getting backgrounds finished.

According to game files, our voice folder has over 3,200 lines in it. To put that into perspective, Brilliant Shadows in its entirety only has 2,751.

An alpha version of the game featuring a mostly finished Chapter 1 was put onto steam a few days ago, and a small group of close confidants have been playing through it, helping to locate things that need tweaking, and helping boost our morale with their lovely feedback!
Working on a large project is incredibly taxing just in the sheer amount of work put into it that can’t be shown because of spoilers.

I got Ash’s second pose/outfit drawn up the other day, as well as a set of 13 expressions for her. I was quite happy with them so I decided to share them here!

Hopefully everyone had a nice Halloween! We got to see a pretty stellar Mabel and Dipper set of costumes, and when chastised for not having Waddles, they pointed down the street to where a Grunkle Stan was casually walking a leashed pug in a pig outfit.

Have a great week and stay safe, everybody.
-Geckos out!

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