A belated update 2!


We just recently put up auditions for what should be the last side characters in Pale Spectrum.

If you or a friend is into voice acting, feel free to take a peak. 
Note: Some minor spoilers regarding the story so read at your own risk.

Aside from that, I’ve been adding background variants to scenes as I go through and polish chapter 2. As well as narrative coding (sprite expressions) and music.

The ending for the Mountain storyline has been written, and there’s only one remaining ending for the Palace storyline left to finish off. Which is good! Since the budget for the game is creeping close to what we had for it, which is pretty nutsy, seeing as that means we’ve spent over $5,000 on voice acting for the game so far.


It’s great to see that the end is in sight! While not entirely certain of the exact release date just now, I’m aiming roughly for April-May, as that is the 1 year mark since the kickstarter campaign ended. We’ll see how it goes! This may just mean that the game is ready for beta testing during this time, or that it’s done except for a handful of voice over lines, but I think it’s a good goal to work towards.

The studio has officially gotten moved into a new house, so expect the work flow to ramp up again as we get more and more settled.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


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