Perceptions of the Dead 2
Was released this summer and is available both on Steam and
Second story – Undercover Undead

Work on the second story for the game is well underway. We’ve received a few hundred voice lines from our current roster of awesome VA’s, and auditions for extras for the story are also underway.

As with all Perceptions of the Dead games, there will be a good amount of experimentation with visual storytelling.

Some extra sprite poses have been made for Tulip, who features as a main character in the second story. The lovely Lauren Kawamura did a particularly great job on the voices for her, and was so animated in doing so that I wanted the sprite to at least try to keep up with her.

Other sprites may see some updated poses as well, time will tell! Tulip, in particular, is easy to do extra poses for since she has only 1 outfit and 1 hairstyle, so any extra art positions or body positions don’t immediately result in cumulatively large amounts of required work.

That, paired with Ren’Py having a newly released Layered Sprite system, left me wanting to try to take advantage of extra animated sprites.

The OST for Perceptions of the Dead 2 is available now on

Composed by the everlovely Johnathan Johnson. It contains 23 songs that you’ve heard from the game, and at least one that hasn’t yet made an appearance.

Auditions for extra characters for story 2, Undercover Undead, are underway and the script has been added into Ren’Py as coding begins.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.


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