Art, code and voices!

Hey all!
We’ve been hard at work on the next Perceptions of the Dead 2 story over at Ithaqua Labs these past weeks.

In addition to new backgrounds and cgs, I spent a good chunk of time updating, optimizing, and expanding upon existing sprites. Jill’s sprite has received a new outfit and hairstyle, and, along with Owen, has been converted to new code for Ren’Py called Layered Images. It’s super modular and forgiving, once you wrap your head around it, and makes updating and expanding sprites super easy (compared to the old style)!

Because of that Owen now has some extra expressions and arm variations to help liven up his sprite and get across his personality.

Tyrone’s sprite has been totally overhauled, as well. His initial sprite was pretty bare-bones since his role in the first story was so small. You’ll get to spend some more time with him in Undercover Undead!

We’ve also picked up a few amazing new voices for new characters, and will hopefully have names and samples to share with you soon.

Last but not least I’ve been really enjoying drawing and animating the CGs for the story, and I hope that you all end up enjoying them as much as I have been ^^


Hope your weekend was amazing!


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