End of year summary for Ithaqua Labs, as well as 2019 goals~

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Hey all!

This year has just flown by for us here. It’s been a mixture of ups and downs, though overall ups I’d say.

We released Perceptions of the Dead 2 which was a fun diversion from our previous fantasy/romance games. Pale Spectrum took a lot of mental fortitude out of us, and so we desperately needed a break and change of pace.

Perceptions of the Dead 2 features (at the moment, 3) short stories that were much easier to complete in a timely manner than the longer, overarching stories.

The end of the year has seen the start of a few new projects, some of which have a planned release next year.

Stars and Snowdrops – by guest writer Riley S Keene

Early game screenie with unfinished art

Firstly we have Stars and Snowdrops, a game that is intended to be short, cutesy and filled with fun lesbian romance. It features a princess that must come to terms with a rather rude awakening and her budding feelings for the lady dragoness tasked with helping her grow into being a queen.

Ideally this will be released sometime in quarter one of 2019. More on that in the future!


For Perceptions of the Dead 2 we have at least 1 more guaranteed episode to release, entitled House Haunting, in which Marcus, with the help of Ripley,  looks into buying a house in an effort to escape all of the ghostly drama that surrounds him. This will likely see release sometime before Quarter two 2019.

Jacob’s Isles

Jacob’s Isles is a fantasy/romance/adventure game with a sprinkling of sci-fi that takes place on a series of magical, floating islands. It will feature at least one female lead, possibly more, and a few romances to explore while simultaneously exploring the world.

JI is a game that we initially concepted many years ago, and in fact, attempted to kickstart under a slightly different name. While the KS did not reach its goals, we’ve always had a soft place in our heart for that story and so we’ve been slowly brainstorming on it for these long years. 

The goal is to build up art assets, writing, a solid demo and launch a kickstarter for it sometime in 2019.

Aside from that, everything else is in the wind, and still being brewed in our heads.

Geckos will be splitting efforts between these projects as well as working on animated cgs for Women of Xal and sprite/cg art for another, as of yet unnamed, visual novel for another studio.

Wishing you all well in 2019!
-Geckos and Nyo of Ithaqua Labs

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