Studio update – PotD2 episode release, Stars & Snowdrops

Hey all!

Geckos here with an update for our studio.
Early in the year I got a Repeated Stress Injury (RSI) and swollen tendons in my arm that stopped me from being able to draw much at all for a few months. Draw, or even really use the keyboard much. I’ve since been taking better care to stretch more, take more breaks and generally just chill out to give my body a break.

A new episode was released for Perceptions of the Dead 2 – called “House Haunting”, featuring Marcus and Ripley. As of right now we’re not sure if the game will receive more content or not. There are always ideas brewing in our heads, and stories we’d like to tell, but Nyo has been quite busy with a full-time job and so finding time to write has been difficult.

I’m currently picking work back up on Stars & Snowdrops, which saw a halt in progress once I was injured earlier in the year. I hope to release that game in the near(ish) future, and see where to go from there.

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