300 backers, over $7,000 Pale Spectrum KS!

We’ve managed to surpass 300 backers, and $7,000 in the Kickstarter campaign! We’re coming up on the last 2 days now and I’m really hoping we can make the next stretch goal. :3

And here’s a WIP of Terra in her utility outfit (The one that looks decent whether she’s a boy or a girl) and a teaser of a new character you might get to meet soon!

As of this moment there are 14 routes written with completion between 97% and 40%. This includes the new Aelfnod routes.

This excludes endings where “You Are Dead”. There are plenty of those.

Admittedly the majority of the “You Are Dead” choices are rather obviously bad ideas but you know what? Sometimes it’s fun to stare into the void.

The alternative story, following the “Lost in the Shadow” ending is only about 7% done and looks like it will have two to three complete routes but will not be as long as any of the other routes.

And a few more teasers!

Full Voice Acting and A New Stretch Goal!

There’s a lot going on in the world of The Book of Gray Magic, a lot of stories to be told, and a lot of people quite busy with their lives that we will never be able to show.

The fact is that some stories have taken more precedence than others. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t want to tell those stories.

Take, for example, Aelfnod, a failure as a Witch, but a prodigal Paladin. As he assumes his position as Head, he has finally found his place in all aspects of his life. He is successful; the position provides no small measure of wealth, and it seems that, for once, he has everything he could want.

Everything except for someone to share it all with.

If we reach $6,500, Ithaqua Labs will add the story of Aelfnod’s romance to Pale Spectrum. This will add an entirely new perspective to the three existing, primary perspectives in Pale Spectrum as well as an entirely new branching route where Aelfnod gets the chance to meet a man, possibly fall in love, and have his own adventures as he acts as Head of the Paladin Order.

With the inclusion of Paypal Backers, we have officially reached an amazing $5,500! That means Pale Spectrum will include full voice acting! 😀

Cat Spectrum

Hey everyone!

After much discussion with our fans and considerable market research, we realized that if we really wanted to make the big time, we needed a new protagonist.

Many hours were spent researching who or what would make the best protagonist, and after those many hours we came to a single conclusion.

The internet loves cats.

As such we would like to introduce our new lead, Gakki!


But wait, there’s more!

Realizing how much everyone would love the new lead, it lead us to take a look back at our existing cast, and we are happy to announce we found a way to improve every last character in Pale Spectrum!

Introducing, Cat Spectrum!


Gakki is convinced you will love it. It took Gakki very long time to act out the part of all the main characters.

Gakki write. Gakki art. Gakki type.


Pale Spectrum – Demo and Kickstarter live!

Part Two of the Book of Gray Magic now has a live demo and kickstarter.
As we were out of town this weekend, it was a bit hard to update everything at once with all this information. Many hours went into finishing, polishing and prepping everything for release!

Pale Spectrum picks up shortly after the events of Brilliant Shadows. This time around, the perspective will swap between characters, allowing you to make decisions for more than just Ash. Belinda, Aku, and Hektor are among some other people you can make decisions for.

We’re estimating the game at 7-10 hours of game play for one full route, with multiple routes and lots of smaller branches. Belinda will have the option to romance (or not) some interesting folks throughout the story.

Take a look at the Kickstarter here:
it’s doing super well, which is really exciting. With any luck we’ll hit the voice acting stretch goal before the end!

It does have some spoilers for Part One. You can also find the Pale Spectrum demo from that page, too. It’s about 20 minutes of magey goodness.

Additionally, take a moment to vote for us on Steam Greenlight!

I’m about to put up a big chunk of time-lapses and .psds on our Patreon for the images that went into making the Pale Spectrum demo, so if you’re curious about that now is a good time to grab a $1-2 or $5 tier.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!
More updates to come soon.
-Ithaqua Labs

Embers of Magic – released!


Embers of Magic is now available for free from itch.io!

Embers of Magic is a short, adventure visual novel that tells the story of Liana the witch. It is set a few hundred years before Brilliant Shadows in the same universe. Liana takes an airship down to the surface of the dangerous and corrupt earth beneath her flying city home.

Writing by Christopher “Nyo” Michael Hall
Artist/Coding by Sita “Geckos” Duncan
Engine: Ren’Py
Composer: Caelem
Voices: Adoxographist, Alec Shea, Nyo, Brad Smith and many others…

Embers of Magic is a kinetic novel lasting around 30 minutes. All spoken lines are fully voiced. It is 6,262 words in length.

And if you have a moment, please vote for it on steam greenlight!