Studio update – PotD2 episode release, Stars & Snowdrops

Hey all!

Geckos here with an update for our studio.
Early in the year I got a Repeated Stress Injury (RSI) and swollen tendons in my arm that stopped me from being able to draw much at all for a few months. Draw, or even really use the keyboard much. I’ve since been taking better care to stretch more, take more breaks and generally just chill out to give my body a break.

A new episode was released for Perceptions of the Dead 2 – called “House Haunting”, featuring Marcus and Ripley. As of right now we’re not sure if the game will receive more content or not. There are always ideas brewing in our heads, and stories we’d like to tell, but Nyo has been quite busy with a full-time job and so finding time to write has been difficult.

I’m currently picking work back up on Stars & Snowdrops, which saw a halt in progress once I was injured earlier in the year. I hope to release that game in the near(ish) future, and see where to go from there.

End of year summary for Ithaqua Labs, as well as 2019 goals~

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Hey all!

This year has just flown by for us here. It’s been a mixture of ups and downs, though overall ups I’d say.

We released Perceptions of the Dead 2 which was a fun diversion from our previous fantasy/romance games. Pale Spectrum took a lot of mental fortitude out of us, and so we desperately needed a break and change of pace.

Perceptions of the Dead 2 features (at the moment, 3) short stories that were much easier to complete in a timely manner than the longer, overarching stories.

The end of the year has seen the start of a few new projects, some of which have a planned release next year.

Stars and Snowdrops – by guest writer Riley S Keene

Early game screenie with unfinished art

Firstly we have Stars and Snowdrops, a game that is intended to be short, cutesy and filled with fun lesbian romance. It features a princess that must come to terms with a rather rude awakening and her budding feelings for the lady dragoness tasked with helping her grow into being a queen.

Ideally this will be released sometime in quarter one of 2019. More on that in the future!


For Perceptions of the Dead 2 we have at least 1 more guaranteed episode to release, entitled House Haunting, in which Marcus, with the help of Ripley,  looks into buying a house in an effort to escape all of the ghostly drama that surrounds him. This will likely see release sometime before Quarter two 2019.

Jacob’s Isles

Jacob’s Isles is a fantasy/romance/adventure game with a sprinkling of sci-fi that takes place on a series of magical, floating islands. It will feature at least one female lead, possibly more, and a few romances to explore while simultaneously exploring the world.

JI is a game that we initially concepted many years ago, and in fact, attempted to kickstart under a slightly different name. While the KS did not reach its goals, we’ve always had a soft place in our heart for that story and so we’ve been slowly brainstorming on it for these long years. 

The goal is to build up art assets, writing, a solid demo and launch a kickstarter for it sometime in 2019.

Aside from that, everything else is in the wind, and still being brewed in our heads.

Geckos will be splitting efforts between these projects as well as working on animated cgs for Women of Xal and sprite/cg art for another, as of yet unnamed, visual novel for another studio.

Wishing you all well in 2019!
-Geckos and Nyo of Ithaqua Labs

Art, code and voices!

Hey all!
We’ve been hard at work on the next Perceptions of the Dead 2 story over at Ithaqua Labs these past weeks.

In addition to new backgrounds and cgs, I spent a good chunk of time updating, optimizing, and expanding upon existing sprites. Jill’s sprite has received a new outfit and hairstyle, and, along with Owen, has been converted to new code for Ren’Py called Layered Images. It’s super modular and forgiving, once you wrap your head around it, and makes updating and expanding sprites super easy (compared to the old style)!

Because of that Owen now has some extra expressions and arm variations to help liven up his sprite and get across his personality.

Tyrone’s sprite has been totally overhauled, as well. His initial sprite was pretty bare-bones since his role in the first story was so small. You’ll get to spend some more time with him in Undercover Undead!

We’ve also picked up a few amazing new voices for new characters, and will hopefully have names and samples to share with you soon.

Last but not least I’ve been really enjoying drawing and animating the CGs for the story, and I hope that you all end up enjoying them as much as I have been ^^


Hope your weekend was amazing!


Perceptions of the Dead – and its sequel!

Hey all, it’s been a hot minute since we’ve had a post about our goings-ons here!

Perceptions of the Dead

A short, free to play visual novel with 3 spooky, goofy short stories about ghosts and monsters.
Each story is 15-30 minutes long and is fully voice acted.

It was released for free on Halloween of 2017, and you can find it on Steam and Itch

Shortly following this, we were inspired by the response that it got to work on a sequel to the game.

Perceptions of the Dead 2


The story continues with the characters that you are introduced to in part 1, and a few new folk show up as well.

It’s about 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours long, and features short, animated clips to help enhance the story.
A second short story is currently in production and will be added to the game as a free patch, thanks to our wonderful Kickstarter Backers.

It features some voices you may recognize from the Book of Gray Magic series, and an OST by Johnathan Johnson.

Stop by and take a peak if you think the story interests you!
And thank you for playing our games~!

-Geckos and Nyo of Ithaqua Labs

Pale Spectrum – Officially Released!

Pale Spectrum has been released and is now available on Steam!

There are seven magics, five more than have ever been explored, and that is only the tip of the iceberg. The kobolds, once a beast of myth, have forged an alliance with Celeste. A mad demigod rages across the land, aiming to end the tyranny of monarchies with Celeste in his sights. Meanwhile, a magical talking sword is busy preparing the misfit mages of the Ryuusian Royal Cabal for a clash against an arcane foe from distant lands of fable.

You know, normal things.

One thing is certain, no threat the cabal faces compares to their greatest challenge: relationships, love, and family troubles.

Pale Spectrum is the sequel to Brilliant Shadows, and both are adventures from the Book of Gray Magic. Follow along with Necromancers, Paladins, Witches, and Changelings in this story of intrigue, mystery and magic.

Pale Spectrum

Pale Spectrum is around 6-13 hours of play time depending on read speed and route choice. The game has a number of large branches and a plethora of smaller ones, enhancing its replay potential. It sits at just over 200k words.

Voice Acting

All spoken lines in the game are voiced, bringing an extra level of life to our cast of 30+ characters.


There are over 50 choices that you can make in the game, all of which influence the 10+ unique endings.


Pale Spectrum features an extensive, combined sound track from the Book of Gray Magic series. Pale Spectrum boasts 27 original tracks, and, combined with Brilliant Shadows 21 original tracks, has an hour of beautiful orchestral music composed by Johnathan Johnson.

The Main Cast

The story follows along with Belinda, Ash, Terra, Hektor, Prude, Aelfnod and Aku as main characters.

Extras – Audition results

Being a two person studio, and also being that we just moved into a new place, both Nyo and I have been super busy, and so making updates has fallen to the wayside!


Now that we have all of the information, I can finally post the results from the latescast auditions.

Anairis Quinones as Felicia
Jordan Haro as Vasco
Ben Balmaceda as Preston
Caitlin Buckley as Nik
Juza as Knife


Brilliant Shadows Release Take 2!

I did not realize that the game had to be manually published after I set the release date, and publishing is not available after 5pm PDT on a Friday? I’m a little confused as to why it let me pick a time that conflicted with that schedule.  Publishing is turned off during weekends. It looks like it won’t be making it out until Monday! We’re really sorry about that, but as this is our first release we had no idea.

The keys are still sent out and we’ll be working on the DRM Free release, so see you then!