Brilliant Shadows release!

After much hard work Brilliant Shadows will be officially released in under an hour!

Plugging it into Steam and getting the Trading Cards/etc set up for it was quite an experience.   It was a crunch for time!

That being said, we did get some very nice feedback from the Beta testers, so hopefully typoes and things of that nature will be at a minimum.  If you find anything, feel free to let us know at and we’ll patch it up as soon as we can!

The Windows Steam version should be working without any problems.  We tried to get the Mac/Linux ones up as well, but do not have easy access to either system. If you have trouble launching it for those platforms, give us a few days and we’ll hopefully have it figured out.

The DRM free versions are still in the works! I am currently in the process of contacting GoG to get it hosted there.  The Art Book and the Sound Track will be after that!

I just got finished sending out all of the Steam keys, so have a great weekend, a great Halloween and have fun in general!


Bril Shads Beta Testing

Brilliant Shadows has officially moved into Beta testing.  We’re missing about 30 voice lines from the game which we’re still waiting on, and the credits need to be coded, but that’s it!

I am still aiming for the end of October for release, barring no unexpected complications, and that’s if we get those last voice lines which have been a source of stress for me!

I have also been working on refilling the website with useful information since the server it was hosted on exploded shortly after completion last time… Well, I backup Bril Shads every time I work on it, guess I should have done the same for the website.

Another few cgs have slipped into the game, finishing the art needed with a rank of: Everything I Wanted To Add!  which is pretty sweet.
See you around Halloween, hopefully!