Perceptions of the Dead

Perceptions of the Dead (March 2015)- Part 2 of the Acolyte’s Path series

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Tyrone has been hunting ghosts for four years, and he’s gotten pretty good at it.

He knows when his intervention is needed and when all a haunt needs is time to pass on.
Life is looking up when he’s called to investigate the home of a wealthy family with a possible haunting.
What at first appears to be only a benign spirit quickly turns deadly when he discovers there are a great deal many more things going on in this house than he thought.

A short visual novel created during the month of March for the NanoReno challenge.
Created using the awesome Ren’Py engine.

Writing by Christopher “Nyo” Michael Hall
Artist/Coding by Sita “Geckos” Duncan
Music by Caelem
Voiced by Justice Washington, Mel Gorsha, Joshua Putnam and Heidi Tabing, Matt “Retroarcademonkey” Euston, Jessica Warner, Joshua Putnam, Cassandra Wladyslava





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