Pale Spectrum

Pale Spectrum – Part Two of the Book of Gray Magic

Stop by and check out the Kickstarter! You can also download the Demo, which is about 20 minutes of fully voice acted goodness.

Pale Spectrum picks up shortly after the events of Brilliant Shadows. This time around, the perspective will swap between characters, allowing you to make decisions for more than just Ash. Belinda, Aku, and Hektor are among some other people you can make decisions for.

We’re estimating the game at 7-10 hours of game play for one full route, with multiple routes and lots of smaller branches. Belinda will have the option to romance (or not) some interesting folks throughout the story.

Part One of the Book of Gray Magic – Brilliant Shadows, is actually 50% off on steam and to celebrate the launching of the KS.

An in-depth look at the development of this game will be available through our Patreon.

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